Studije – preuzimanja

2. Detoksikacija

Physiological and toxicological responses in rats fed aflatoxin-contaminated diet with or without sorbent materials

Purification of natural zeolite-clinoptilolite for medical application-Extraction of lead

Simultaneous removal of metals Cu Fe Cr with anions SO4 and HPO4 using clinoptilolite

The adsorption of nicotine from aqueous solutions on different zeolite structures

The effect of initial loading on the removal of ammonium and potassium from source-separated human urine via clinoptilolite

The removal of heavy metal cations by natural zeolites

Uranium removal from groundwater by natural clinoptilolite zeolite: effects of pH and initial feed concentration

Use of synthetic zeolites for arsenate removal from pollutant water

Use of zeolithes for reducing the proportion of lactates and ammonium in human and animal organisms